Born Robert John Verboze, a child of foreign diplomats. Robbie, a child prodigy of the french horn at age seven, wrote several concertos until age 10.  

After a strange and unexplained incident left several members of the quintet severely injured...Robbie vowed to never write music in sonata allegro form again.  

An uncle gave Robbie his first synthesizer, which had been collecting dust, due to lack of interest, that it did not have zither or kazoo voicings. Robbie quickly discovered the sonic possibilities he could bring to his compositions.  

In his teens, Robbie’s music evolved from classically influenced, to experimental, to a brief stint writing klezmer, to finally discovering "The Funk.”  He renounced his religion and built a large shrine to Afrika Bambaataa. Subsequently, made a spiritual decision to write electrofunk  specifically for the shrine.  

He then left the Berklee College of music...rather was expelled, after a physical confrontation with a professor over the meaning of Parliament’s song “Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker).” He was spared jailtime.  

As an adult, he produced and engineered other artists’ music until 2005, when he chose to produce electronic music for himself and became a studio rat. To date, Robbie’s 10 releases create a sublime throughline of the spirit he devoutly worships..."The Funk."  

Robbie is currently developing a stage show involving improvised electronics, vapor-shave influences, and noise-wave banjos.